DIY african mud cloth pillows

Thursday, August 25, 2016

You may remember I did some DIY African mudcloth inspired pillows for our living room.  You can check those out here.  Well, I am still loving them like crazy and decided to make some more using a different technique for our dining room.  They turned out pretty awesome!

SOURCES:  dining table // slipcovered head chairs // side chairs // chandelier // DIY refinished piano // mirror - antique (painted in Annie Sloan Pure White) // DIY framed botanicals // no-sew skirted table // antique dough bowl - Round Top (similar here and here) // glass vases // drapes // bamboo blinds 


How to do it!

  • Fabric - I used a heavy black linen fabric from JoAnn's for the front and scrap painter's drop cloth for the back.   
  • White DecoFabric paint marker - Found at craft stores or on Amazon here.  I used a full paint marker and part of a second for these two pillows.
  • Sewing machine, pins, and matching thread
  • Iron
  • Zipper (you can omit this if doing an envelope closure and just adjust your back piece accordingly)
STEP ONE:  Cut out your fabric pieces.  In addition to your normal seam allowance, add about an extra 4 inches to the height of the fabric for the front of the pillow only.  The added height for the front piece is because we will be sewing in pleats in the next step.  For example, my pillow was an 11x20 so the fabric piece I cut for the front was 15x21, and the back piece was 12x21.

STEP TWO:  Sew in pleats onto the front fabric piece.  For this part you will follow Step Two from my last DIY mud cloth tutorial.  I used the exact same method for sewing in pleats, except I ran my seams horizontal this time and spaced them 5 inches apart.  After you've sewn your pleats into place, you can trim down an excess fabric to match the size of your back pillow piece.

STEP THREE:  Use a photo of authentic mudcloth as inspiration for your pattern, or create your own, and start drawing out the design with the fabric paint marker.  The first pass with the marker won't be very opaque, but once it's dry go over it again making the lines on the design thicker.

STEP FOUR:  Once the paint is fully dry, place right sides of the front and back together and stitch in place, leaving an opening for your zipper at the bottom.   

For the zipper - I used a metal jeans zipper, but any zipper would look great.  If you've not sewn in a zipper before there are a ton of great tutorials and videos out there.  Find your favorite based on the type of zipper you're after.  I always fuddle my way through zippers so I'm doing you a favor by not including a tutorial from me on this :D

STEP FIVE:  Press your pillow so the seams are nice and crisp and insert your pillow insert.  I like down inserts.  You can get great prices on them at places like Tuesday Mornings.  They will absolutely up your pillow's game. 

And remember, if sewing isn't your thing, grab some pre-sewn pillow covers and add a paint pen design to those.  You options are limitless!  Now go enjoy your new mudcloth inspired pillows and buy yourself some new shoes with all that money you just saved!

For more DIY African Mudcloth Ideas, check out my first post!


arhaus living room design board

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what I would do if I started from scratch in my living room.  Ever do that?  

I've been a fan of Arhaus for a while.  The whole fam went into one of their gorgeous stores not too long ago and I drooled over everything.  Like most things, it's so much better in person.  Unfortunately I was snapped out of my dreamlike state when I when I noticed some commotion over where my husband and Sam were.  Apparently Sam managed to screw the lid off his thermos and spilled milk all over their floor.  Their staff was so incredibly kind about it, but you had better believe there was a moment where I thought about escaping and pretending I didn't know my husband or son :D

Any who, I thought it would be fun to create a design board based off my favorite Arhaus pieces and one of their sectional sofas.  I started with this perfect sectional and this gorgeous rug.  The rest of it quickly fell into place.  I would absolutely be happy in this room.  And that elephant art?  LOVE it.  But if you're not into elephants, this is a great alternative.

What's your favorite part?  I keep eyeing the media console since ours is beat to a pulp.  But that sectional (which I never thought I would say) seems dreamy.  Seriously, how amazing would it be to be able to lay out on the sofa and not have kids trying to sit where your legs are?  Mmmm... I'm daydreaming about it right now...

UPDATE:  I was just back over at their site and noticed they are having their Anniversary Sale - up to 40% off, and I checked out all of my picks from the design board and they're all on major league sale!!!


functional kid's room art with The Baby Cubby

Friday, August 12, 2016

Today I've partnered with The Baby Cubby to share with you a new piece of functional art I've recently added to Samuel's room.

Sam is getting to the age where he is starting to collect things that have meaning to him like his artwork or special pictures.  This Petal Lane famed magnetic board from The Baby Cubby is absolutely perfect for him and his room!  I like to think of it as art that can grow with your child.  It's beautiful all on its own so you can leave it empty during the nursery/early toddler years, and since it's magnetized it makes the perfect backdrop for holding special items they start to collect as they get older.


There are a ton of baby stores, but I'm impressed with how Baby Cubby is separating themselves from the herd.  Our family has exited the baby stage, but I still remember how difficult and time consuming researching baby products/gear was.  I'm convinced price shopping has taken 5 years off my life.  The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who get it, they know your time is precious and therefore they've done all of the research for you offering only the best and safest gear (check out their gear guide here).  They also price match, even Amazon, so you know you're getting the best deal.  And then there's free shipping everyday on orders over $49!

If you're near the Lindon, UT area you are in for a treat!  You can pull up into one of their "drive-up stalls" at their storefront and someone will come out to the car to place your order and then bring it out once it's ready!  That way you don't have to wake a sleeping one or go into a store with a cranky-didn't-take-a-nap one.  Someone's using their noggin' here!  But if you do make it out of the parking lot into the store they have a play area for the kids and a massage chair for you.  You can even check out and support local vendors in their pop-up shop.  

So they've got the baby gear thing down, but their decor game is also spot one.  And not just for the babies!  They have the sweetest decor items that are perfect for big kid rooms and playrooms.  I'm loving their Petal Lane pieces and could even see some of them in a grown up office space or kitchen command center.  Here are a few of my favorites:
SOURCES:  dream big // soar // map // love // be happy // good vibes // dinosaur // you're my favorite

Which is your favorite?  I was so close to going with that large "love"!  

Now through August 19th The Baby Cubby is offering readers 10% off their purchase with PROMO CODE: westermanfam10

Happy shopping, and I hope you all have a great weekend!

Disclosure:  I was provided with the art shown in this post; however, all opinions are my own.


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