cutting edge stencils giveaway!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Have I got something for you!

Cutting Edge Stencils is offering one lucky reader their choice of any stencil up to $50!!!

They're gorgeous and can completely transform a space giving you an awesome pattern on your walls without the expense and pain of putting up wallpaper.

Cutting Edge Stencils even has a new How-To video with helpful tips to get you started.

Let's check out some of the gorgeousness shall we?

I know right!!!  Not the same stuff I grew up with!

How to Enter:

1)  Head over to Cutting Edge Stencils and come back here naming your favorite stencil in a comment.

2) Extra Entry - Become a follower of Crazy Wonderful through Google Friend Connect (found on sidebar) and leave me a comment saying you have.

3) Extra Entry - Like Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook and leave me a comment saying you have.

4) Another Extra Entry (I'm crazy like that!) - Post a link to this giveaway on your blog or Facebook, and leave me a comment saying you have.

One random winner will be selected Monday, December 5th!

Good luck!!!

bubble magnets - tutorial

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's that time again!

I'm going show you how to make some stuff from my last giveaway :D

Bubble Magnets

They were so fun and easy to put together, and make PERFECT Christmas gifts.

What you'll need:

  • print out of your images (or fun scrapbook paper, etc)
  • clear glass gems (found in the floral section of the craft store)
  • magnets
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • Mod Podge
  • small paint brush
  • scissors

STEP ONE:  Print out your images.  I found these insect images from The Graphics Fairy.

STEP TWO:  Hold your image up to one of the glass pieces and cut around the glass.

STEP THREE:  Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the front of your image.  Then, apply to the flat side of the glass piece.  It will look foggy at first, but will dry clear.  Let them dry a bit before starting the next step.

STEP FOUR:  Apply a good amount of hot glue to the back of your magnet and place on the back of your glass piece. 

Bing, bang, boom... you're done!


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come see my "hidden" room & a thank you

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Today I am opening the door to my "hidden room" over at Hyphen Interiors!

You know what I'm talking about right?

The room that you NEVER show anyone.  Well... I'm showing you :D

While you're there be sure to check out her home tour - she's crazy talented.

And, she's the same super talented gal that helped me take my living room from Blah-ville...

To I-love-Kristy-so-much-ville!!!

So come visit me at Hyphen Interiors and plan on staying awhile!

Also, I'd like to thank my amazing friend Brooke for giving me a shout out on her blog Magnolia Business Solutions!

She played a big role in helping me get Baby Nest up and off the ground, and I really don't think it would have happened without her.  Thank you again Brooke!

If you are starting a small business or are even toying with the idea of it, be sure to check out her blog for THE most helpful tips.

giveaway winner!!! (and a question)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thank you again to all of my awesome followers!!!

The winner of the giveaway is...

{comment no. 37}

Congrats Jenny! 

If you haven't already done so, check your email so I can send you your goodies :D

Ok, here's my question:

Can anyone tell me HOW IN THE WORLD do you get the widgit to show up in a blog post???

I've gone nuts trying to figure this thing out.

I know you can create one on their site and you will be given a code to paste on your site, but the number chosen can be changed over and over again.  Copy and paste isn't working for me either.  Grrr...

Help!  This is over my head!!! 

just say no to storm doors - tutorial

Friday, November 11, 2011

I have a hate relationship with our storm door.

First off, we live in a part of the country where it's either freezing cold or blazing hot.  You really only get a couple of storm door only days a year.  And, when I've opened the main door on those days I'm met with, "No!!!  You're letting all the store bought air out!!!" :D

Secondly, ours is not very attractive and I can't stand that you aren't able to see the front door due to the reflection.

Finally, I'm not a fan of getting smacked in the backside by it when I'm trying to get the main door unlocked, or of throwing it into our guest's faces when they come over.  Just not very inviting.

And, let's just look at this fabulous storm-door-less beauty I pinned on Pinterest.

{via Pinterest via Casual.Classic.Home}

When I saw it I literally started itching to get the door off.  It makes me want to beef up the trim around mine too.

If you hate your storm door and want it gone, here's what you do:

STEP ONE:  Remove all the screws and hardware on the inside of the storm door

STEP TWO:  Remove the screws holding the frame and door in place on the outside.  There may be some on the inside hinge as well.

STEP THREE:  Remove the frame and door.  And, stand in awe and disgust at what was living inside the frame.  Yuck!

STEP FOUR:  Sand down the screw holes and any flaking paint before filling in with exterior wood filler.

STEP FIVE:  Hopefully you have some leftover paint from when the trim was last painted that you can use to repaint the frame with.  If you're like me, and the leftover paint is one big rusted disaster, you can pick up a sample pot of your paint color and use that to touch up, or grab a quart and give her a fresh coat all over.

STEP SIX:  Enjoy your new found freedom from the storm door!

Me so happy!!!

And would you look at that, you can actually see the door now.

If you haven't already, be sure to enter yourself in my giveaway!

Winner will be announced November 14th!

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my store is open!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I am so thrilled to finally announce that my store is open!


Here you can find stylish crib bedding designed and handmade by me!

Here are some of the bedding options available.  For full listings please visit my shop.

3-Piece Sets

Bumperless Sets

You will also find bumpers and sheets available individually.

I can't tell you how excited I am to finally have my store open.

It has been a dream of mine for quite some time, and I've been so eager to share it with all of you!

The idea for Baby Nest was born before my little one, Isabelle, was born.  I knew I wanted something different and special for her nursery.  After searching and searching I decided to make her bedding myself

I loved it.

Not just the bedding, but knowing she was going to have something that was handmade especially for her.

There's just something I love about handmade items.  And, I'm so encouraged that we're getting back to buying handmade items for ourselves and for our homes.

My future plans are to add some more fun items and accessories to the shop so be sure to check back!

Hope you guys can stop by and check it out.  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

inside my bag - all things bright and beautiful

Monday, November 7, 2011

It's here!!!

The very first

I'm so thrilled to have Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful here today!

Aubrey has become a great blog buddy of mine over the past few months and I l-o-v-e her blog.

You know how sometimes you'll run through a post and check out the pictures without reading anything?  Yeah... you won't want to do that there because you'll miss out on what this funny girl has to say!  Her blog is a beautiful and fun place to hang out.

Ok, let's get to what's in her bag!

Hey y'all, it's Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful!!!

And I'm not gonna lie, when Shelley asked me to dish about the contents of my purse, I was like "Yeah, sure! I'll totally do that!!!" And then I was like "Oh wait, are you *serious*???"

Um, Shelley? You know I have two small kids right??? Well, you can't say I didn't warn you...don't worry, I left out the used klenexes and the loose candy that is rattling around the bottom of my purse.

You're welcome (c:

So this is my purse that I lug around:

Not bad for $16 at Tar-jay, right?

I've sworn off designer purses until my children can understand that they are *not* a trash/toy/snack/drink recepticle. (c:

And this is the mess inside it:

Soooooo *cute* right??? (c:

I'm pretty sure the baby wipes are self explanatory...wallet...sunglasses...

Keys, phone (not a smart phone, yep I'm the only person in the known universe without one...) and my addiction to lip gloss or "lippie" as my three year-old calls it (c:

Apparently, I have developed quite the fettish for lotions as well (dark kiss from B&BW smells ah-mazing), writing utensils and the necessary distraction/bribery toys for the short people.

Dragons and lizards *RULE*.

And what the *HECK* is that little red bag???

My rescue pack. Yes, just like Diego. I'm so cool.

(Actually my hubby is really in to being has bandaides, painkillers, antiseptic wipes, etc...just in case, y'know, the world ends or something)

Tide pen. Awesome. It's really for me, not the kids because I spill stuff on my shirts all the time. Oops.

Emergency chocolate. Also self explanatory.

And my mini leatherman. Honestly, I am feeling more and more self concious about our weird preparedness obsession. We're freaks. (c:

Speaking of freaks, thanks for stopping by to look in my purse (c: HA!

I can't wait to see what other guests Shelley has up her sleeve so I can be nosey about what everyone else carries in their bag / feel better about my messy bag / see theirs, too!

I guess I'll let you have your blog back now, Shelley (c: Thanks for having me! Don't you just love Shelley and her hilarious sense of humor? We have the best comment conversations *ever* (c:


Shelley again.  Ok, let me just say that as soon as I saw the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup my love for her grew exponentially!

LOVED it Aubrey!!!  And the "rescue pack" is awesome :D  Thank you so much for being a apart of In My Bag! 

Another bag will be dumped the first Monday of each month so be sure to check back.

Next bag up, Julia from Pawley's Island Posh!  Can't wait!!!

If you're new here, be sure enter yourself in my giveaway!

Winner will be announced November 14th!

trick or treat

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I should have known Tinkerbell would be the decided upon costume this year.

 She has been all about Tinkerbell ever since we brought home the movie.

She was more than happy to run around, I'm sorry, fly around the yard for a few pre-trick-or-treat photos :)

Trick-or-treating without a gal pal wouldn't be nearly as fun ;)

And, of course, she had a little bit of candy before bed.

It's kinda hard to tell her no after she saw me dive bomb her bag for chocolate.

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!

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