have I got a TREAT for you

Thursday, June 26, 2014

*UPDATE* Treat (owned by Shutterfly) has closed it's doors :(  But, the good news is you can find similar products on Shutterfly!  Links to Treat will now redirect you to Shutterfly. 

One of Izzy's best buddies from our home town just had a birthday, and since we couldn't be there to help her celebrate we wanted to send her a gift.  I was just introduced to a new personalized card company called Treat (same folks that brought us Shutterfly and Tinyprints), and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them out!

Here's the gift we sent along with her personalized birthday card.  Her momma and I have an understanding that when it comes to gifts we have more than enough toys laying around unused.  Wearable is always best.  When I saw this little dress I knew it was a winner - soft, comfy, and incredibly cute.  The elastic flower headband was a fun addition.

| SOURCES: dress . headband (Target - in stores) . card c/o Treat |

So, the verdict on the card and Treat?  Insanely awesome.  I'm addicted.  Here's why I'm digging it so much:
  • personalized - You can add in your own photos and messages.
  • delivery options - Send hard cards or e-cards.
  • convenient -  Create online and treat will address and mail the card for you for the cost of a stamp!
  • schedule ahead - You can create a card now and have it sent on the date of your choice.
  • reminder service -  No more belated cards!
  • THE BEST PART - You guys, these cards cost the same if not less than the ones you pick up at the store!  And they're so much more awesome!!!  These are keepers, and I'd go out on a limb to say these will be the only cards men will actually read :D

 I even created cards for Father's Day this year for the grandpas.  They were the biggest hit!

One sent through the mail for my father-in-law

 | Sparking Life: Grandpa |

and one emailed to my dad.

| Near My Heart: Grandpa |

Pretty awesome, right?!

bedroom dresser styling + sam update

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Well, I need a weekend do over.  First off, thank you to those that responded to my prayer request I put out Sunday on Instagram and my personal FB for Sam.  Late Saturday he started running a low temp and had a lot of coughing.  Sunday morning I made him an appointment at the after hours doctor's office for what I thought was going to be a run of the mill visit.  It ended up being not so run of the mill.

  Once we got to the doctor's office they immediately started him on oxygen and breathing treatments since his oxygen levels were so low.  When he wasn't responding to treatments the doctor told me we needed to get him to the ER for further evaluation.  When I asked which hospital I should take him to I was told I wouldn't be taking him.  He would be going in an ambulance in case he "crashed" on the way.  W. T. F.

I'm trying, but I can't even put into words how I felt at that moment.  Helpless and scared don't do it justice.

Once at the ER, they started more breathing treatments and he was finally able to keep his oxygen levels within a range they were comfortable with.  He started perking up and acting more like himself again.  The popsicle helped a bit too.

A few hours later they diagnosed him with asthma (even though he's too young to officially diagnose at this age - something I don't quite understand) and we were able to take him home.

He's doing much better now.  I pray we don't ever find ourselves in this situation again.  Whenever he catches a cold he ALWAYS has problems breathing.  They've finally started him on preventative treatments.  I wish it could have been caught earlier, but right now I'm just so thankful he's ok.


Ok, so onto the regular scheduled programming.

If you saw my post on paper wrapped books, I mentioned I was playing around with the dresser in our master bedroom.  Since moving in 5 months ago it still had random junk hanging around on top.  Clothes that needed ironing, receipts, lone socks, dust, dust, and more dust.  Poor bedrooms.  They're always the ones that get neglected :( 

We still have the matchy, matchy furniture set from my husband's bachelor days (minus the tufted headboard I had to fight tooth and nail for).  And although I'd love to have something different, I think a little attention can go a long way in making it feel better in the meantime.

Now it wouldn't be complete without my must have accessory.  The baby monitor.

Would you look at him!  He's in there dancing during his nap.  I should be irritated he isn't taking his nap, but right now I'm just so thrilled to have him happy and healthy.  He can do whateva he wants ;)

| SOURCES: paperwrapped books - DIY . glass vase - TJ Maxx . candlestick - thrifted . striped candle - DIY (coming soon) . horse - Target  (no longer avail.) . jewelry dish - Holly Mathis' booth at Urban Market in Houston . glass lamp - Target . black shade - World Market |

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best way to clean stainless steel

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kind of a random post today, but thought it would be worth the share.
During our move it was raining, and our refrigerator ended up with water spots I could not get rid of no matter how hard I tried.  I used a number of citrus cleansers and the followed it up with the companion polishes, olive oil, soaping it down, etc.  Nothing would work.  In a matter of hours or 1-2 days those spots would be back.  Taunting me.  Then one day while I was cleaning my sink I had my aha moment.  I was cleaning the sink with exactly the same thing I should have been using on the fridge all along.  Bar Keepers Friend.  Duh.
I have no clue why I didn't do this sooner.  I think it's because I fell into the old consumer trap that says you have to buy different products for every different item you're trying to clean.  Let's not reinvent the wheel here people!
I wish I had taken photos of the fridge with the crazy rain spots, but I didn't.  That would have been an awesome before and after!  This is just your usual kid's finger prints, water drips, and grime.

And after.
I just sprinkled a little onto a warm, wet sponge and went over the entire front of the fridge.  Rinsed the sponge off with water, wiped it clean, and dried it off with a kitchen towel.
Nothing fancy, but the results are the best I've had.

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It will be so nice to toss out all of those other bottles!

paper wrapped books | tutorial

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

 I love the look of stacked books.  It gives you some height for shorter objects, and looks neat and polished.  Some of the books I've used in my house have been wrapped in white paper.  Not only because I like the look, but because I don't have a lot of large "pretty" books.  I lust over all of the gorgeous coffee table books you see in photos, but those bad boys can be expensive for even just one.  I have random leftover school books, cook books (that I never use), etc.  They're the perfect size so I use them.  I just pretty them up a bit first so they don't clash.

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| SUPPLIES: book . large paper of your choice . scissors |

STEP ONE: Open up your book and cut a piece of paper (I used Izzy's craft paper roll) larger than the size of your book.  Give your self about 5 inches on the sides.

STEP TWO: Fold up the bottom leaving just a little extra length below the bottom of your book.

STEP THREE: Fold down the top leaving extra length like you did on the bottom fold.

STEP FOUR: Fold the left side over the front cover.

STEP FIVE: Close the book so the paper wraps around the spine giving you the right amount of paper to fold under on the back cover.

STEP SIX: Fold the right side of the paper over the back cover.

Super easy.

Here's how I've most recently used them in our entry.

This was in our last place.  Those books and lamps seem to like that buffet :)

I made more today for a little spot on my bedroom dresser.  It need some attention and these just might be the ticket.

Are wrapped books something you guys go for, or do you prefer the pretty coffee table books?  I like a mix.  I need to find some that aren't ridiculous!  And of course by that I mean cheap ;)

dining room | progress

Friday, June 13, 2014

I posted a picture on my Instagram of a "few" frames I picked up the other day.  I'm working on doing something for the now bare wall in my dining room, from moving the large buffet out of there.
This is what it currently looks like in it's unfinished state.  I ran out of the black paper I was using for the backing, and still have yet to actually fill the frames (or even them out for that matter).
Here's what is swimming around in my head for inspiration.
| via |

| via |
| via |

I'm just really digging these botanicals.  I have zero flowers in my yard right now so I'll probably have to go on a flower picking mission under the cover of night.  I'll also more than likely have a few weeds in there.
And just incase you're wondering, no, I still have not finished the other gallery walls.  Sheesh.

stuff I want | rain chains

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

This want is actually more of a need.

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We didn't have guttering placed on the sides and back of our house.  A cost saving decision made during our build.  Now that we've had some pretty substantial rains here in Houston, it's becoming a bit of a problem.
We now have this happening next to our back porch.  It's carving a canyon into our yard. 
You can't tell from the picture, but that hole is DEEP.
I'm thinking instead of having plain guttering installed, we could do something a little more fun and a lot prettier (oh and A LOT cheaper).  Rain chains, baby!  I just love the look.  Here are some I've been eyeing lately.
| via |

| via |

| via |

| via |

| via ?|

| via ? |
They say the make a beautiful sound too.
What do you think, is this something you guys would consider?


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