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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

So, I'm what you would call a weee bit behind on the 'ol blog.  I've got both kiddos going through some major asthma issues lately (can I just tell you how much I hate asthma!!!), a pup that has just come home from being gone at bird dog school for 3 months, and honestly I've just been too pooped to sit at the computer at the end of the day. 
I do have a little update on Izzy's old Barbie Jeep I'm making over for Sam.  You can see my plans for it here.  We're suppose have a few more sunny days before it rains again so I should be able to get the spray paint part finished soon.
I've also got some cool stuff planned around the house that I want to share, but I need to get everything together first.  I'm supa dupa excited about it though!  Organization Central here we come!!!
Also, you've still got time to enter yourself in The Container Store giveaway I'm doing with Samantha from Playdates + Pearls!  Head over here to check out the closet makeover I did for Izzy's and to enter into the giveaway for your chance to win $50 to The Container Store!
Ok, off to pull my dog's head out of the food bucket again.  He acts like they didn't feed him out there.

barbie jeep makeover | before

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

We bought this Barbie Jeep for Izzy off Craigslist a few years back.  She LOVED it. 
Before we moved to TX the battery completely died and wouldn't hold a charge anymore.  We planned on getting it a new battery, but always forgot about it.  It sat unused for almost 2 years until Sam noticed it in the garage and became obsessed.  We finally got a new battery.
Safe to say Sam has claimed it as his own.  That little look on his face just cracks me up!  Izzy can still drive it, but her knees are now up to her ears when she sits in it.  My oh  my how time flies!
So, Barbie is gonna need a makeover.  The spray paint has been purchased and I'm planning on starting in on it today.  Here's what I'm thinking.
| via |
Stay tuned, it's gonna be good.
If you haven't already, make sure you enter yourself in the Container Store giveaway Samantha from Playdates + Pearls and I have going on!  $50 to spend at the Container Store could be yours!!! 

jenny lind beds | for the boys

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lately I've been thinking about what I'm going to do this year for Sam's big boy room.  Looking through my Pinterest boards for boy's rooms I noticed one thing that kept repeating itself.  Jenny Lind beds.

| via |

| via |

| via |

| via |

This next photo doesn't use the same bed, but the look is the same.

| via |

So when I came across one for sale on Craigslist I jumped on it.  We brought it home in the back of our truck in the pouring rain.  Given it's condition, I wasn't worried about it.  I looks like it has seen worse.  But with some love and paint I think it could be really cool again.

Mike doesn't like the idea of me giving Sam a "girly bed".  I think the pics above show it can be very boy and very cool.  

What do you think?  Would you use this style of bed in a boy's room?  If you would, what color would you paint it?


Also, don't forget to enter yourself into The Container Store giveaway we've got going on over at Playdates + Pearls!!!

izzy's closet makeover + container store giveaway!

Monday, January 12, 2015

The beginning of a new year always gets me in the mood to organize.  Izzy's closet was the first thing I tackled and I'm sharing it today over at Playdates + Pearls!

Be sure to stop by because Samantha is giving away a $50 gift card to The Container Store so you guys can get bit by the organizing bug too.  See ya there!

getting back to it slowly

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Years!

It has been so hard to get back into a rhythm again!  I pulled a great one on Monday.  Got Izzy ready for school and then went to pick up her buddy for carpool.  No buddy.  Turns out no school.  Felt like an idiot.  Threw me off all day long.  Now that she's back in school (for real this time) I can sit down and catch up with you guys :)

It was SUCH a great break!  We had my parents down visiting, but other than that we didn't do too much of anything which was amazing and much needed.  Izzy and Sam actually got along really well during the break and I even was able to capture a moment of unforced love.  I had to do it on the sly as not to be seen.  It's a Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Eve I tried grabbing a photo of the kids in their Christmas jammies.  Tried is the word here.

Sam won't sit still for anything.  You bring the camera out and he gets a case of the sillies.

Christmas morning was nice and relaxing.  Lots of coffee and Paula Deen's Nutty Orange Coffee Cake.  Oh my word.  I want more right this minute.

Izzy and I snuck in a mommy daughter date to go see the Nutcracker.  

It was such a beautiful performance!!!  I kick myself daily for not sticking with it as a little girl.  Those dancers blow my mind.  And their figures??  Wishing I wouldn't have eaten my weight in sweets this year. 

Oh, so I finally got in my chairs for the living room a couple of days ago!  Wahoo!!!  I asked you guys for your opinions on what chairs to go with WAY back in May.  You can see the ones I was choosing between here.  I stopped dragging my feet on a decision in November and pulled the trigger on the Carlisle chairs.  Comfort won out.

I'll play around with some pillows, but for now it's just nice being able to sit in comfort without our bums hitting the seat frame in the old wingback ;)  

I will tell you though, once they arrived a domino effect started.  They made us realize how beat up our coffee table was.  I've had to glue a couple of legs back together, touch it up with a black sharpie every few months, and just try to ignore how bad the top looks.  It has "made it" though 5 moves so that's a pretty good run.  When Mike said he wanted a new coffee table, I jumped on it.  I'll keep you guys posted on it once it arrives! 


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