the best halloween wreaths

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I've been wandering Pinterest trying to come up with ideas for a Halloween wreath.  There are so many good ones!!!  I mostly like my Halloween wreath to be just slightly creepy, but I also found some fun ones for kids, some pretty darn chic wreaths, and ones that can work for fall and Halloween.  The best part is all of them can be DIY'd and most links share tutorials.

Here are my favorites in case you're needing a little inspiration too!

..........  CREEPY  ..........

| Etsy |

..........  CHIC  ..........

| Etsy |

..........  FOR THE KIDS  ..........

| Etsy |

..........  DOUBLE DUTY  ..........

| Terrain |

Which one would you pick???  I really want them all.  I creepy, chic version that won't scare the kids :D  I just picked up some stuff at the craft store yesterday.  Wish me luck!!!

current state of the dining room + a project fail

Thursday, September 24, 2015

With this blog, one of the things I wanted to make sure I did was to share progress pics.  Not just the before and fully styled out afters.  And since I'm being honest, I have never been one to fully style rooms out for photos.  I absolutely love looking at styled photos of interiors, but 1) I suck at it, and 2) I ain't got time for that.

Anywho... back to what I was saying about sharing progress pictures.  I realized yesterday that I haven't shared much of our dining room because it was never "finished".  Well that goes against what I wanted to do here!  Things around here are always never finished.  That's just how it is.  So today I'm showing you guys our dinning room in it's unfinished and unstyled state.

| Sources: table . slipcovered chairs . side chairs (family pieces) . chandelier . DIY pressed botanicals . glass vases . dough bowl (Round Top) . bamboo blinds . drapes |

Now if I could walk by and only see this shot of the room I would be thrilled.  BAM.  DONE.  We bought a new table last year and then earlier this year purchased the head chairs.  Absolutely love those.  But, it's the other side of this room that feels blah and in need of TLC.  And of course that's what my eye is drawn to whenever I look at it.

Que the falling flat fart noise *pfff*.

This is where the head chairs sit when not in use.  It's pretty boring over there.  The head chairs need some pillows to keep them from fading into the wall.  I should probably get a new mirror, but I'm not planning on it anytime in the future so I just need to hang this one already.  Overall I'm feeling pretty uninspired on what to do with this wall.  I'm waiting for inspiration to hit.  I've been waiting months and nothing has happened.

This photo will show you the full room, which is a booger to photograph.  It's a really dark space despite having three windows.  It's a north facing room.  I had to ramp up the settings on my camera to get anything to show up. 

Now onto my project fail:

I wanted to keep our old dining chairs.  I liked the lines and honestly didn't want to fork over more cash for new chairs.  I had them covered in slipcovers I made back in 2005, but it was time to say goodbye.  You can see the dark stained color in this photo from when we first moved in. 

I ended up putting on a coat of Annie Sloan's Pure White paint and then wiping Minwax's Classic Grey stain over it before sealing with a coat of clear wax.  They sat like this without the cushions on for months.  Then I saw this image.

| via |

Pretty awesome, amiright?!!!  That was what I wanted for the seat cushions.  I immediately ran out, got my fabric, and a boat load of black dye.  I was pumped!!!  And then this is what I got.  Whomp, whomp, whomp, whoooompppp....

Ugh.  At this point I was too frustrated to try again.  And I really hated not having cushions on the chairs.  So I just slapped them on anyways.  I've got to come up with a better option.  But until inspiration strikes, I'm just gonna walk away any try to ignore it.  Kinda like that one side of the dining room.

fall floral arrangment

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

You guys aren't going to get much fall decor out of me this year.  Here in Houston it's still in the 90's, we're wearing shorts, and swimming.  I see all the beautiful pumpkins in the grocery stores and I want them, but I'm having a hard time popping them in the cart when I'm still sweating outside.  Fall has always been my favorite time of the year so this is a total bummer that I'm in this state of mind down here.  I want boots, sweaters, crisp fall air, and chili dagnabit!!!

Anywho... I recently came across the flower delivery company Bloom Nation and I decided it was the perfect opportunity to get in the fall spirit.  Flowers are always a pick-me-up so I bought myself some and did a little flower arranging.

I tell ya what, you can stick any color or style of flower into a fake pumpkin and you've got yourself fall.  It's a no brainer.  

The eucalyptus I've had for a couple of weeks now, but it dries out really nicely and lasts a long time.  The yellow Chinese Millet is dried so it's not going anywhere.  The only part of this arrangement that will need replacing is the purple stock.  There's a cup of water holding the purple stock inside, and the dried pieces are just stuck in between the cup and the pumpkin.  Easy peasy.

While I loved it on my coffee table, I knew Sam would be plucking buds off one by one until it was bald so I ended up placing it on the mantle for safe keeping.  

If you're looking for some inspiration for fall florals or just floral in general, check out Bloom Nation's Pinterest page.  I found all of the ones below there.  Love the succulents and the mini pumpkins!

Anyone else sweating their way through the start of fall and having a hard time getting in the spirit?  Sam kept bugging me to go outside so he could ride his Powerwheels Army Jeep yesterday afternoon.  I had to tell him to pack it in after 15 minutes.  It felt like my flesh was burning right off my arms.

large framed art | tutorial

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I'm still working on pulling Sam's big boy room together.  I had been on the look out for a large piece of art to put over his bed, but kept coming up empty handed.  Not that I wasn't finding anything, there's plenty, but everything I loved was way more than I wanted to spend.  So, I made my own and am loving it!

What you'll need:
  • An image of your choice printed onto a Peel and Stick Fabric Poster from SnapboxSnapbox has a bunch of sizes to choose from and they ship super fast!  My image was a printable I purchased on Etsy.  You can find it here.  I asked the seller to resize it for me so it would fit my poster dimensions.  
  • Thin piece of plywood for the backing.  The home improvement store cut it down for me for free.  You'll want it to be about a half inch larger on all sides than your poster.
  • 1x2's for the frame
  • primer, paint and brush
  • compound miter saw or miter box and saw
  • air stapler, brad nailer, or finishing nails and hammer (I used an air stapler).

STEP ONE:  Attach the sticky poster to the plywood by peeling back just the top of the backing.  Work your way down slowly and smooth out the poster as you go so you don't get bubbles.  It's kind of like wallpapering.  

STEP TWO:  If you have any overlay, trim it down.  I did because I wanted my finished art to be a little shorter.  I used a flat edge and a box cutter to trim mine.

STEP THREE:  Miter cut the 1x2's for the frame and dry fit them.

STEP FOUR:  Prime and paint the frame pieces.

STEP FIVE:  To attach the frame pieces, lay them out face side down, place the plywood art side down, and staple into place from the back.  I started with the top 1x2 first, making sure it was perfectly lined up before moving onto the side pieces and finally the bottom piece.

If some of your corners don't come together tightly (like one of mine) you can shoot another staple in from the top of the mitered corner to pull it together.  Just fill with wood putty, sand, and touch up with paint.

STEP SIX:  Attach your hanging hardware to the back.  I placed mine close to the outside so I could use a longer screw without worrying about it going through the art.

STEP SEVEN:  Hang that puppy up and enjoy!

There are several things I love about this project:
  • You can use any image.  A photograph, printables, etc.
  • Make it whatever size you need.
  • There's no need for glass or plexi, so it saves you money! (One quote I got for plexi/acrylic was $75.  About died.) 
  • The poster is made from a linen substrate so you can actually wipe it down with a soft damp rag if it gets dirty.  Again saving you from needing a plexi/acrylic/glass front.
From these photos you can see I've got Sam's bed painted!  I don't have the whole thing put together yet.  Just the headboard sitting against the wall.  I'm hoping to get the side rails and a support made for it this weekend so I can get the footboard attached.  I'll post on it when it's completed, but until then, I'll keep ya updated on Instagram!

Moon art file source - found here through Etsy (if unavailable, another source here)

Disclosure - I was provided the Peel & Stick Poster from SnapBox, but all opinions are my own!


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